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  • Lab Schedules
  • Student Handouts
  • Tutor Referrals
  • Scantron Test Scoring
  • Grade Level Reading Analysis
  • Test Proctoring
  • Smart Classroom Reservations
  • Software Installation
  • Time Clock Tracking and Reports
  • Student Learning Systems and Reports 
    (PLATO, Rosetta Stone, SkillsBank 5)


Faculty CSC Schedules

Schedules are posted on the CSC Schedules and Calendars page when they become available. (Note: Schedules may not be available near the beginning of the semester, may take a few weeks to become finalized, and are subject to change).



Student Handouts

Handouts designed to assist students with a variety of topics are available on the Handouts and Guides page. If you would like to make a handout available on this site, please submit it to the CSC Webmaster as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format) file. Suggestions for links to other resources may also be submitted.



Tutor Referrals

In order for the college to receive FTES for its tutoring services (and, by extension, to PAY for tutoring services), all students using tutoring MUST be officially referred by an instructor or counselor.  The easiest way to refer students is to send a “blanket” referral for your entire class (see links below).  This way, any students from your class who wish to use tutoring can do so at their convenience.  If you do not want to refer your entire class, please use the “individuals” referral form to send over individual students.

Referral Form for Supervised Tutoring - Class (pdf) 

Referral Form for Supervised Tutoring - Individuals (pdf)

If you have a large number of students in your class who you think could benefit from tutorial assistance, please let me know.  I will work with you to assign a tutor to work with your students at times that will be convenient for them.  Please e-mail or call me for additional information.

Jason Berner, Faculty Tutor Coordinator

(510) 235-7800, ext. 4245


In order to help us provide appropriate services, I encourage you to send me a copy of your class syllabus (e-mail is fine) and/or any assignments that students might bring to the tutors.  I will keep these on file in the tutoring area for reference purposes. Copies of current course textbooks would also be very helpful.

Daily Student Contact Log Form (pdf) for use in CSC lab.


Scantron Test Scoring

Scantron test scoring machines are available in the CSC and in LA-27. Scantron forms may be purchased from the bookstore or the library circulation desk. 


Check tests before scoring for extra or missing black lines on the edge of the test form, tape or other foreign matter attached to the form, or other signs of tampering.  If a form is suspect, note it and review it again manually after scoring. 

Scantron Test Scoring Machine - Quick User Guide 888P+ (pdf).

Scantron "Score" model tutorials (html)


Grade Level Reading Analysis

Due to cuts in staffing, requests for grade level reading analysis of textbooks and other written materials are no longer being accepted. If you wish to perform your own calulations manually, you may want to refer to these guides for Dale-Chall, Flesh Reading Ease, Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning-FOG, or SMOG formulas. As an alternative, you may perform a basic analysis using Microsoft Word or online analysers.


If you are interested in an overview of readability formulas, review this PowerPoint presentation on "The Basics of Plain Language" by William H. DuBay.



Test Proctoring

The CSC can proctor exams for individual students. We recommend arranging this at least one day in advance to make sure that we can accommodate such requests.



Smart Classroom Reservations

The CSC has a classroom smart classroom with 32 student computers and an instructor’s/presenters computer. The computers include internet access, Windows XP, Microsoft Office Professional 2007, SkillsBank 5 software, a variety of ESL Software, and a LanSchool classroom management system. The room is also equipped with a video/data projector, audio system, DVD/VCR, pay-for-print station (vend card required), and whiteboards.  General orientations to the CSC are also available by request.


This smart classroom may be reserved for use by instructors.  If you have a campus email account, you may check availability using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access by viewing the folder list and navigating to Public Folders > CCC Public Folders > Calendars > Academic Skills Center.  Please call or send your request by email, and include the following information:

  • Course subject, number, and section (ex: ENGL  142A-8888)
  • Date and time frame
  • Alternate date and time frame (in the event that your first choice is not available).
  • Name and contact information

Please direct reservation requests to:

Jason Berner, Faculty Tutor Coordinator

(510) 235-7800, ext. 4245

If the Academic Skills Center is not available, you may want to check the schedule for the LISC lab.  This lab offers 34 student computers and an instructor’s/presenters computer.   It is similarly configured, with the exception that it does not include Skills Bank or ESL software.  If you wish to reserve this room, please contact the Reference Librarian at extension 4507.



Software Installation

If you wish to have software installed in the CSC for use by your students, please contact the Computer Center Coordinator (see above).  It will be necessary to know exactly what type of software license is being granted (site license, per seat license, etc.) and any limitations of that license (e.g. limited to I room or building, 35 concurrent users, etc.).  Documentation of software licensing is required before installation can proceed. Please allow at least three weeks for processing.


Server-based software is usually recommended; since it generally allows greater flexibility of available locations (i.e. Students may get a hands-on orientation to the software in the smart classroom, and then be allowed to use it on any available computer in the open area of the CSC on their own time).  Server-based software also expedites and simplifies installation and maintenance, since it does not generally require the installation, configuration and updating of each student computer individually.  It is recommended that you consult with the Computer Center Coordinator prior to making any software purchases.



Time Clock Tracking and Reports

All students are required to log into the College Skills Center. 


To use the CSC facilities, students must be enrolled in at least one designated English, ESL, or Math class with an “hours by arrangement” requirement (i.e. ENGL 092, 102, 103, 110A/B 139, 142A/B; ESL 107; MATH 101/C, 115C, 118, 120), or they must enroll in one of the following free, non-credit courses: ACSKL 875N or MATH 875N.


Instructors of record for these Academic Skills and English classes will receive periodic attendance summary reports throughout the semester either by email  or campus mail. (For reports for math courses, please contact Carol Stanton at  If you are are not reciveing a report,or are currently receiving a hardcopy and prefer to receive it by email, or if you require a detailed time report, please send your request to the Computer Center Coordinator (see above).   Sorry, we cannot currently provide individual reports for every student.


The last day for students to clock into the CSC to receive credit toward for “hours by arrangement” is usually three school days prior to the beginning of finals week (ex.: If finals begin on a Monday, the last day for credit is the previous Thursday).  This allows instructors to receive the reports in a timely manner so that they may calculate pre-finals grades. The CSC does remain open through the last day of finals.



Student Learning Systems and Reports

The College currently has the following interactive, skill-building products available for student use:

  • PLATO Web Learning Network
  • SkillsBank 5
  • Rosetta Stone

PLATO Web Learning Network is a web based product available from anywhere there is internet access. We have leased access to English language reading and writing, and basic math programs.  Faculty can choose which skill areas they would like to assign to their class or individual students, and track their progress online from anywhere. You may find thier product page at:

SkillsBank 5 is a network based program with reading, writing, language, information skills, as well as basic and intermediate level math modules.  Faculty may assign various exercises to classes or individuals, and view or print progress reports. SkillsBank 5 Scoresheets can be found on the "CSC Handouts and Guides" page. This software is only accessible in the CSC. More information about this product is available at:  (Note: Due to staffing cuts, SkillsBank 5 is no longer supported for class use. Students may still log in as a "guest", but their progress will not be tracked on an ongoing basis).  


Rosetta Stone is a network based, immersion type of language learning system.  Currently, English (for ESL students) is the only language available. This software is only accessible in the CSC. More information is available at:


For each of these interactive products, classes and students must be set up in the system before it is available for students and faculty users. Please contact the Computer Center Coordinator (see above) for assistance with setting up classes and generating performance reports. 




Please report any non-working links to the CSC Site Webmaster.
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