Library Use Guidelines

Before we start our tour, let’s review some general guidelines.

The CCC Library provides materials for classroom assignments and personal interest, as well as offering a quiet space for research and study. You can help the Library maintain these services for all of its users by following the rules shown below. All library employees are authorized to resolve any infractions.

Please do not bring food or drinks (plain water in screw-top bottles is ok) into the library or Media Lab. Spills and the insects that follow them damage library materials and create a messy and potentially unsafe environment.

CCC is a non-smoking campus; smoking is not permitted inside any campus building. See college policy C3000.0.

Please do not bring animals (except aids to disabled persons) into the library building.

The library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study and research. Please respect the study needs of your fellow students by following these guidelines:
Keep your voice low in the main areas of the Library; your conversations should not be able to be heard a few feet away.

Use headphones as needed; if you do not have your own, you may check some out at the Circulation Desk. Please keep volume low enough so that you don’t disturb others around you.

If you need to work together with other students, use a group study room. If one is not available, sit at a table outside of the designated Quiet Study areas and keep your voices low enough that you do not disturb others.

Turn cell phone off (or to vibrate). If you receive a call, please take your call outside.

Keep totally silent in the Quiet study room.

CHECK OUT ALL MATERIALS that you take from library on your student ID card.
Missing or damaged materials are frustrating for the next person who needs to use them. Remember that you are responsible for all materials checked out on your card; do not lend your student ID to another.

Others may be waiting to use them. If you need to extend your loan period, you can renew by phone or online as long as the items are not already overdue.

Fines are charged for materials returned after their due dates. See the Circulation Services page for more information about due dates and fines.

Please leave any items that you are not checking out on the reshelving tables, even if you are pretty sure that you know were they go. A book placed in the wrong spot is a lost book.

The Contra Costa Community College District’s Acceptable Technology Use policy states:
“. . . open access is a privilege, and requires that individual users act responsibly. Users must respect the rights of other users, respect the integrity of the systems and related physical resources, and observe all relevant laws, regulations, and contractual obligations.” (Board Policy 4007)

College and Library computer use policies further define acceptable use. A copy of the College’s computer lab use policy is posted in the LISC Lab. The Library’s computer use policy is posted on signs adjacent to the computers in the Information Commons. See also the LISC Computer Use Policy. Failure to follow the District, College, and Library computer use policies may result in disciplinary action and the loss of computer use privileges.

You can help ensure that everyone has the equitable access to the workstations by following these simple rules:
The computers are for library research or school-related tasks; other uses may be permitted (see below), but students needing to do research or type a paper have priority use. If asked to yield a computer, please do so graciously.

Students with a disability have priority use of computers on an adjustable table and of the computers containing the screenreading program JAWS. If asked to yield a computer, please do so graciously.

Limit computer searches to 20 minutes when someone is waiting.

Do not use chat rooms or social networking sites (if school-related, please explain assignment to librarian).

Do not play computer games.

Do not download or reconfigure any software.

Be aware that some online sites may be offensive to others. You will be asked to exit such sites.

Children under age 12 may not use a computer unless they are enrolled in a CCC class.

Do not leave books, purses, backpacks, laptops, or other valuable items unattended. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft of personal items.