In descending order, the priorities for Library Classroom use are:

  1. Library orientations, library workshops, and other library information competency instruction. To request an orientation, see http://www.contracosta.edu/library/orientation/
  2. Professional Development workshops.
  3. Single visits by non-Library Dept. classes for smart-classroom sessions. Smart classroom visits are limited to 6 sessions/semester per instructor, unless approved by the Library Coordinator.
  4. Open laboratory for students (as allowed by schedule, staffing and budget).
  5. Other — Upon application to, review by and approval of the Library Coordinator.

By emailing us your request, you affirm the following:

  • You will remain with and supervise your class at all times.
  • Students in your class will not be permitted to stay after the class has ended, unless the room is available and you are able to stay with the student.
  • You are responsible for the operation and security of the equipment.
  • If you are unfamiliar with how to use various features of the LISC, please see a Reference Desk Librarian for an overview.

To request the classroom for your use, email Judy Flum at jflum@contracosta.edu.