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GEOMAG CONSTRUCTIONS Geomag is the brand name of a toy construction system created in 1998, consisting primarily of nickel-plated steel
balls (spheres) and short connecting sticks with a magnet on each end (rods). With these two basic elements,
a huge number of geometric shapes and structures can be built. Adding panels helps to form rigid structures.
Below are three regular polygon constructions.

Regular decagon internal to pentagons.
80 pieces: 30 balls, 40 rods,
10 pentagon panels

Regular 20-agon internal to squares and pentagons.
140 pieces: 50 balls, 70 rods,
10 pentagons, 10 square panels

Regular 30-agon external to triangles and pentagons.
165 pieces: 60 balls, 90 rods,
15 pentagon panels

GEOMAG CONSTRUCTIONS by Rafael Millán (1958-2008)
See many more constructions at
Including polyhedra and other solids, buildings, helices, and more.

   Decagon Surrounded by and Enclosing 10 Pentagons Each    

   20-agon Surrounded by Squares and Pentagons    

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