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Rings Pentagrams Peaks & Valleys
Fractal Fractal Fractal
Fractal Black Hole Swirls Fractal
Pentagram MatLab L-wave MatLab L-wave
Icosahedron Knot Loops
Cardioid at Mathworld* Astroid at Mathworld* Involute at Mathworld*
Pursuit Curves 1 Pursuit Curves 2 Pursuit Curves 3
Dodecahedron TetraPascal
Star Burst Sierpenski Pascal's Triangle Mod 2 °
DodecaFoam ** Surface Plot Morph ***
Spinning Icosahedron *** StellaSpin ***  mHenderson Cover Plot
 Escher Pythagorean Boxes mc2 Pythagorean Buffalos mc2
 Golden Spiral Hypotrochoid Epitrochoid
Star Pyramid Star Pentagon Star Pentagram °°
Star Line Star Chevron StarsInStar
Star Set Sierpenski Pentagon Pythagorean Mosaic°°°
Pentagons Star Crossed Star in Pentagon
Escher Boxes

mc squared mc2

Pythagorean Towers                       Star Spiral                       Star Flowers
3 Blocks

* These figures are from MathWorld at Wolfram Research:

** For a published description of the construction of the DodecaFoam above see:
C Goodman-Strauss, "Dodecafoam and Substitution Tilings", Computers and Graphics 23 (1999) 917-924.
Strauss Papers
See also our MathLinks page and in particular the link .

° To generate other versions of Pascal's Triangle Mod n go to: .

*** For more information on the computer program Stella: Polyhedron Navigator      Copyright 2001-2004, Robert Webb.
(annimated polyhedra figures above) see:
or see our MathLinks .

mc2 ® 'Not So Familiar' Pythagorean Implications
Pythagoras.html Contra Costa College Math Dept.

°°® 'The Pentagram and The Golden Ratio'
Pentagrm.html Contra Costa College Math Dept.

°°° ® 'Not So Familiar' Pythagorean Implications
Pythagoras.html Contra Costa College Math Dept.

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