CSE APPLICATION Application Process

All students are welcome to participate in the CSE program activities. The application process is simple. Download the online CSE Application Form,  and then send the completed  form  to centerse@contracosta.edu.

Please type or write legibly and provide a valid email address since we do most of our communication via email. You should also submit all of the required documents (see List of Supporting Documents below) along with the application.

Our funding agency, the National Science Foundation, requires that scholarship or stipend recipients are eligible for financial aid (fee waiver, BOG, etc). If you have never applied for Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at CCC or go to the FAFSA website and complete the application online.

If you do not qualify for Financial Aid  you are still welcome to participate in the program and receive all academic benefits without receiving the scholarships. You may also  want to submit a personal statement along with the application so we can help you better.

List of Supporting Documents

  • Scholarship availability varies depending on our funding situation. Please check with us regarding  scholarship availability. If available, please submit the following supporting documents:
  • Proof of full time enrollment from the Admissions & Records Office, our 3 unit INDIS 095 mentoring class can make up the full time enrollment.
  • A copy of unofficial transcript from Web Advisor.
  • A proof of Fee Waiver and/or Financial Aid Eligibility. You can obtain this in the Financial Aid section of Web Advisor, under My Financial Aid for Current Year.
  • A letter of recommendation from a science, technology or math professor, or an academic counselor. The letter can be emailed directly to us.
  • A complete Educational Plan obtained from CCC counselors.
  • A one or two page personal statement telling us about yourself, your educational goals and career aspirations. As soon as the application package is completed, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of our decision.

Next Step Once you are accepted to the program and notified that you will be receiving scholarships/stipends, please do the following:

  • Come to our office and sign the CSE contract, which is an agreement between the student and the Center for Science Excellence.
  • Sign up for mentoring class INDIS-095 class.  We will help you choose your mentor based on your major and career goals.
  • Fill out the academic schedule for the current semester (forms are available in PS 109 on the table) and select a two hour time window when you will be tutoring. You choose the subject(s) you are comfortable tutoring.
  • Start recording your study, tutoring, seminar and mentor meeting hours in the big white binder on the table in PS109. You are required to log in 9 hours in combination of all activities.

We look forward to your participation  in the CSE  program. If you have any questions about  the application process, please contact us:
Contra Costa College
2600 Mission Bell Drive
San Pablo, CA 94806
Physical Sciences Building, room 109

Dr. Seti Sidharta
Program Director
Telephone: (510) 235-7800 x4527
Ruth Lopez
Student Assistant
Telephone: (510) 235-7800 x4466

CSE Office:

CSE office is located in the Physical Science building room 109 at
Contra Costa College.

For Driving Directions go to Google Map or Yahoo Map