If you have already received an award notification email indicating that you are awarded FWS, you must follow the steps below in order to claim your award and find job placement:

  1. View open FWS job positions by clicking on the following link. This document is password protected. Refer to your award notification email for the password: http://coast.contracosta.edu/studentservices/finaid/types/Shared%20Documents/2013-2014%20FWS%20Job%20Listing.pdf
  2. Contact the supervisor indicated on the job description that you are interested in. It is your responsibility to communicate with the supervisor to set up an interview! It is up to the supervisor to make decisions on hiring.
  3. Once a supervisor decides to hire you for their job position, the supervisor will provide you with a Student Employment Card and a Work-Site Contract Form, both of which must be completed and returned to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.
  4. You will then be contacted to pick up your certified Student Employment Card from the Office of Student Financial Assistance and take it to the Human Resources Office to complete the rest of the hiring paperwork. If you have already previously held an FWS job on campus, you may be able to skip this step. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will advise you accordingly.

REMEMBER! Being awarded FWS does NOT guarantee employment. The process of finding job placement is highly competitive. The ultimate decision of whether you are hired is in the hands of the supervisors seeking employees, based on your application and interview skills. We also cannot guarantee that you will earn 100% of the FWS award amount. This will depend on the number of hours you work, the type of job you are placed in, and the availability of funds.