Mission Statement

EOPS is a state-funded student support service program established to promote the enrollment, retention, persistence, and success of students from low-income, underrepresented backgrounds in higher education by offering services that are above, beyond, and in addition to services available to all Contra Costa College students.

EOPS at Contra Costa College

Learning Outcomes

EOPS/CARE Student Learning Outcomes

The student experience in EOPS is expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • EOPS/CARE students will meet with counselors the required 3 times per semester.
  • EOPS/CARE students will have an electronic educational plan completed
  • EOPS/CARE students not meeting SAP (2.0 GPA) will attend a mandatory Academic progress/Probation workshop prior to receiving services from the program.
  • EOPS/CARE students will understand their signed Mutual Responsibility Contract and Program Policies and Procedures.
  • EOPS/CARE students are content with the department and services