The role of a counselor at Contra Costa College is to work collaboratively with the students to provide academic, vocational, career and personal counseling to continuing, re-entering and future CCC students.  The focus is to foster and encourage students learning through self exploration and awareness.

Academic Counseling:

  • Provide information and advice regarding educational programs, degrees and transfer.
  • Develop an educational plan based on the students’ educational goals.
  • Evaluate students’ transcript for degrees and transferring to 4-year colleges.
  • Explain the academic and progress probation policies and procedures.
  • Explore variety of issues that may contribute to students academic difficulties.
  • Determine the causes of poor educational performance.
  • Provide students with necessary tools in order to enhance their critical thinking skills and knowledge to succeed in the world of academia.
  • Assist students with studying techniques, and referring students to tutorial center.
  • Educate students about various academic resources and referrals on-campus.
  • Discuss procrastination and time-management.
  • Write letters of recommendation for scholarships and employment.
  • Assist with financial aid appeals and Cal Grants forms.

Vocational Counseling:

  • Provide educational information regarding specific vocational programs.

 Career Counseling:

 Personal Counseling:

  • Allow students to openly express any feelings, thoughts, reactions, and attitudes that are present.
  • Assist in the process for students’ to develop competence, manage emotions, move through autonomy toward interdependence, develop mature interpersonal relationships, establish identity, develop purpose, and integrity.
  • Encourage students to replace irrational beliefs with something more realistic, and reasonable so they do not sabotage the core self.
  • Enhance students’ self-esteem, and empower them in a healthy way to take ownership of their life style.
  • Empower each student to become more responsible for their academic outcome, and be aware of how the role each student engage will impact his or her future.