Priority Registration – CalWORKs students are now eligible for Priority Registration. This means that the students are able to register for classes before other students which greatly increases their chances of getting their choice of classes. All 3SP requirements must be completed (Orientation, Assessment, Counseling/SEP) must be completed and student must be eligible for CCC CalWORKs.

CalWORKs Work Study – designed to help CalWORKs students meet their welfare to work requirements and obtain marketable job skills related to their current education/training goals.

SEP – A Student Educational Plan is a collaborative map developed by students and our CalWORKs counselor mapping out classes related to the students goals at CCC. Please schedule to meet with one of our CalWORKs counselors whenever you need.

Attendance Verification – Students must complete this form each month indicating the number of hours they are in class and/or studying. Our office verifies immediately (or within 24 hours) and students can then return the form to their worker to fulfill their county requirement.

Textbook and Supplies Voucher – The textbook and supply voucher is used to verify and acquire educational needs for students.

On Site County Case Workers – Workers from the county’s Hercules and Richmond Department of Employment and Human Services hold office visits at our campus every other Tuesday and Wednesday.