College Council

The College Council is a shared governance constituency based committee made up of Students, Faculty, Classified, and Management. The purpose of College Council is to:

  1. Approve the annual college’s plans, goals, and objectives.
  2. Review the college philosophy/mission goals.
  3. Decide the process for resource allocation.
  4. Decide policies and procedures that impact all constituent groups.
  5. Ensure that accreditation standards and recommendations are addressed.
  6. Foster improved communication among constituent groups.
  7. Review the college’s evaluation measures.

Agenda and minutes for College Council may be found here. 

The following subcommittees report to College Council, as reflected in the Contra Costa College Procedures Handbook, policy A1003.11. 

Those committee agendas and minutes may be found at the links below.

Budget Committee

Operations Committee

Planning Committee

Student Success Committee

Ysrael Condori-
ASU President
Wayne Organ
Bonnie Holt
Beth Goehring
Alissa Scanlin
Erika Greene
Kelly Ramos
Seti Sidharta
Denise Noldon
James Eyestone, Chair
Karl Debro
Tammeil Gilkerson
Mariles Magalong