In order to support the campus during evening hours, supervisors are assigned Monday through Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  If you need evening assistance during these hours, the following contact information will connect you to the evening supervisor on duty.

Direct Line: 510-215-4123

On-campus Extension: 44123


If you need assistance outside of these hours, please contact Police Services at the following numbers:

Police Services General Number: 510-236-2820 or on-campus extension 44858.

Urgent Police Services: On-campus extension 44149.  The red campus emergency phones in the hallways also auto dial the urgent hotline.

 In cases of emergency, dial 911 or 9 (for outside line) 911 from an on-campus phone.

Please remember escorts are available in the evenings to assist all students and staffArrangements can be made by calling the Police Services general number listed above.