Program Review

Program Review Guidelines

Instructional Programs

Non-instructional Programs

Program Review Schedule 2011-2016

Accreditation, Title 5, and the Contra Costa Community College District Administrative Policies (AP 2900.10) all require that Contra Costa College have a program review process to evaluate educational programs.  This program review process is a component of the college’s integrated planning and budgeting process.   Recommendations from the program review self study inform decisions about human, facility, technology, and financial resource needs and allocations.  Units conducting program review complete it in a four-year cycle to insure currency.  Each program review is validated by a constituent based validation team and then reviewed by President’s Cabinet.  Recommendations for action are taken seriously and are used in facilities planning, budget allocation, and human resource planning. 
Instructional Program Review
Instructional programs conduct the review process once every four years and  CTE (vocational)  programs conduct the review every two years.  Program review includes completing course and program SLO assessment, reviewing student retention and success data, and making action plans and recommendations for improvement.  Program effectiveness, responsiveness, and the ability to forecast trends and needs are critical to student success and are the cornerstones of the review process. 
Non-Instructional Program Review
Each student service, learning resource, and administrative unit participates in the  program review process every four years to determine its strengths and areas needing improvement.  The level of program effectiveness, responsiveness, and the ability to forecast trends and needs are critical to achievement of student success and are the cornerstones of the review process.  Non-instructional program review is intended to support and compliment the completion of annual plans required of each unit.    
Purpose of Program Review
The primary objectives of program review are to assure the quality of both instructional and non-instructional programs and services, to promote student success and student learning, to ensure institutional effectiveness, and ensure the colleges program are aligned with  its mission. 
Review of programs will be undertaken for the following specific purposes:
  1. To evaluate how well an educational program functions in relation to its objectives, the mission of the college, the college’s institutional goals and priorities, and the needs of the community
  2. To integrate and strengthen planning, decision making, and resource allocation
  3. To encourage program development and improvement
  4. To improve the use of college resources
  5. To comply with Title 5, accreditation and CCCCD Board requirements.

The program review process is an internal review for the purpose of strengthening the programs and departments.  It is not intended to negatively impact the unit being reviewed or its staff.  The program review process alone will not result in enhancement of program budgets or staffing.  Decisions regarding budget and staff resource allocation will rely on program review recommendations and incorporate these recommendations into the context of the college governance decisions including input from committees such as the Academic Senate or Budget Committee.