Student Learning & Administrative Unit Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) help Contra Costa College assess the quality of its instruction and support services by engaging each member of the community in a continuous cycle of data-gathering, reflection, and revision.

SLOs are statements about the knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions that a student will have attained at the end of a course or a program.  Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) focus on the experiences, skills, or knowledge those served by the unit are expected to achieve through the unit’s services; thus, they are also based on the contributions the unit makes to the effective operation of the college.

The SLO/AUO cycle engages faculty and staff in a process of setting clear, measurable outcomes, assessing the extent to which those outcomes are met, analyzing the results and designing interventions to improve the quality of our services.

SLO process


The analysis of the assessment results and any resulting changes in operation or instruction are incorporated into a program review report that each campus unit completes every four years.  All departments, programs and units on campus must conduct a program review at least once every four years.  Under our shared governance structure the program reviews and recommendations help develop the college’s Educational Plans, Strategic Initiatives and other institutional goals and policies.

Through this on-going process Contra Costa College is constantly improving its institutional effectiveness in order to provide the best opportunities for all students to achieve their educational goals.

Gabriela Segade
SLO/AUO Coordinator