College Publications

Class Schedule

The class schedule is the one publication nearly every student will see. It contains information essential for enrollment in courses — a list of the classes, the academic calendar, registration, orientation, and assessment information, fees, final exam schedule, resources and services for students.  The addendum to the catalog (updates and new courses, majors, certificate, etc…) is published in the Spring schedule. The class schedule is available online. A printed schedule is available for $1.00 at the campus Admissions & Records Office and Bookstore.


Course Catalog

The college catalog lists descriptions of all programs and course. It includes information about eligibility for enrollment, residency, fees, academic standards and policies, requirements for certificates and degrees, transfer to four-year universities, resources, and services. The catalog is published every year.  A catalog may be purchased at the college Bookstore or by mail through the Bookstore for $4.75.


Contra Costa College Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides information about college procedures, policies, expectations, and the many support services and resources available to students on campus.  CCC encourages students to make use of these services.   A planning calendar is enclosed to remind students of important dates, class assignments, appointments, and student activities.  CCC encourages all students to be organized and ready to learn and participate in college life!  The Contra Costa College Student Handbook is free and available in the Associated Students Union office.


Community Newsletter

The Community Newsletter is mailed to community members once or twice a year to inform, enlighten and inspire residents in the service area about new programs, services, faciltities, and events at the college.  The 70,000 plus distribution reflects the College Strategic Initiative to increase pubic awareness of the opportunities and excellence at Contra Costa College.