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Art Degree

Associate in Arts Degree Art 27 Units

An Associate in Arts Degree may be earned by completing a minimum of 60 units of degree credit coursework, including the major requirements and breadth requirements, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Students must complete all courses required for the major with a grade of C or better.

Required core courses (9 units):

3 units ART-174 Drawing and Composition: Beginning I

3 units ART-190 History of Art-Prehistoric through 14th Century

3 units ART-191 History of Art-15th Century to the Present

At least 18 units from the following, including nine units of
a specific art media group (to be taken in consecutive courses):

Art History

3 units ART-118 Multi-Cultural Survey of American Art

Art Media

Group A:

3 units ART-175 Drawing and Composition: Beginning II

3 units ART-274 Drawing and Composition: Intermediate I

3 units ART-275 Drawing and Composition: Intermediate II

3 units ART-184 Pastels and Color Theory

Group B:

3 units ART-140 Sculpture: Beginning I

3 units ART-141 Sculpture: Beginning II

3 units ART-240 Sculpture: Intermediate I

3 units ART-241 Sculpture: Intermediate II

Group C:

3 units ART-135 Hot Metals Beginning Jewelry I

3 units ART-136 Hot Metals Beginning Jewelry II

3 units ART-235 Hot Metals Intermediate Jewelry I

3 units ART-236 Hot Metals Intermediate Jewelry II

Group D:

3 units ART-145 Ceramics: Beginning I

3 units ART-146 Ceramics: Beginning II

3 units ART-245 Ceramics: Intermediate I

3 units ART-246 Ceramics: Intermediate II

3 units ART-143 Decorative Techniques in Ceramics: Beginning I

3 units ART-144 Decorative Techniques in Ceramics; Beginning II

Group E:

3 units ART-124 Painting; Beginning I

3 units ART-125 Painting: Beginning II

3 units ART-224 Painting: Intermediate I

3 units ART-225 Painting: intermediate II

Group F:

3 units ART-132 Digital Art: Beginning I

3 units ART-133 Digital Art: Beginning II

3 units ART-232 Digital Art: Intermediate I

3 units ART-233 Digital Art: Intermediate II

Group G:

3 units ART-158 Digital Photography: Beginning I

3 units ART-159 Digital Photography: Beginning II

3 units ART-258 Digital Photography: Intermediate I

3 units ART-259 Digital Photography: intermediate II